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Sutra Groom

Welcome To Sutra Snapperz

Marriages are to be cherished and pictures and videos are the way to see over and over throughout your life!
Sutra Bride

Who We Are

Know the Duo 

Divya Varam and Debashish Bohidar have worked extensively in the field of fashion. With an eye for detail like no one else, this dup manages to bring out the essence of their subjects in each picture they click. Well versed in the nuances of photography and with an adventurous spirit, this duo created Sutra Snapperz, a company which offers to create everlasting memories of the special occasions of life. It would not be churlish to presume that with the quality of photos they click; it’s not hard to imagine that they breathe life into stills making them seem almost life like. 

Once Upon A Time 

Like all great discoveries, the advent of Sutra Snapperz too was purely by chance. When a friend of Divya and Debashish requested them to cover his wedding, little did this duo know that it was a calling of fate. The experience of capturing each moment of their friend’s wedding opened them up to the possibility that mayhaps this was something that they ought to be doing every single day of their lives. 

There and Back Again 

Based in Hyderabad, this duo has a penchant for travel. Both Divya and Debashish maybe shutterbugs but they love to do their clicking while they are on the road to somewhere new.   

First Among Equals 

So now comes the question, what makes this duo unique? According to Divya, they make it a point to speak to the families of the groom and bridegroom before clicking a single picture. They feel that by speaking to them beforehand, a bond develops which shows in their pictures. A sense of intimacy and familiarity is kindled when one looks at their pictures. Their unique idea of clicking pictures, such as setting up a well-lit photo booth at a wedding, is immensely liked by the crowd and each new wedding they cover gives them a chance to tickle their creativity! No doubt this is why they are the only couple from Hyderabad to have shot NDTV’s Band Baaja Bride with Sabyasachi! 

The Road Ahead 

As Divya says, “We have been listed as some of the best photographers in India and therefore we can safely say that we are doing well for ourselves.  Now, we want to work even harder and take it to next level while creating a good base of happy clients and weaving new memories for them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Undertake Destination Wedding Photography?

Yes, we do undertake destination weddings. In fact, we specialize in that.

Do You Cater only to Hyderabad or across India?

While we primarily operate from Hyderabad and cater to Hyderabad region, however, we do undertake and execute wedding photography/films projects across India. We do get inquiries from outside India to cater their relative’s weddings that are happening in India.

What types of weddings do you accommodate?

We offer our photography services for a variety of wedding and pre-wedding shoots. We cover, destination weddings, pre-wedding shoots, couple shoots and wedding films.

Do you cater to any specific religions?

We cater to all religions.

May I know the Camera Equipment You Use?

We have Canon Mark II D.

Can You Take up a Large Wedding Event?

Yes, we have a team of 8 people to handle medium to large weddings.

How Much You Charge Typically?

Our pricing packages start from INR 1,35,000 (per day).