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Couple Photoshoots

A picture of a couple walking lazily, hand in hand, across a green pathway, amidst vibrant flowers, makes every lover’s heart desire to get a similar shot clicked for them! Such pitch perfect pictures are cherished for life. They are magical as they refresh the memories from back time and make its spectator’s heart pound for his beloved yet again. In early years, capturing such magical clicks for the matter of luck and fluke. But in today’s world of advanced photography, these moments can be created, clicked and saved during a couple shoot.

An Indian wedding ceremony has a lot of extravaganzas. The series of customary rituals, grand gatherings, decors and guests leave less space and time for the bride and the groom to pose for a candid shoot. Moreover, the unprompted family intervention sometimes makes the new lovebirds uncomfortable during the shoot. Furthermore, if the marriage is arranged, as most of the Indian weddings are, the couple becomes conscious during the photo shoot and is unable to pose in the natural easy expressions.        

A romantic candid pre-wedding couple shoot is therefore special and essential because it offers ample time and space to the girl, the boy, and the photographer to know each other’s comfort, likings, and preferences. The boy and the girl thus can shun their inhibitions and enjoy the shoot to make it an eternal memory.  It thus helps the photographer to orchestrate the desired frames and feel to the shoot. These shoots are often conducted in utmost privacy with very fewer people around to bring for the perfect expression of love and affection between the couple.

An experienced couple shoots professional is the one who can get along with his clients, understand their taste and is able to weave the timeless moments to be captured by his camera. With his imagination and innovation, he can create the entire shoot in a cinematic way and present it in form of a beautiful love story.

The destinations for the couple shoot is often decided by the couple. It can be both indoors and outdoors depending upon the time available and budget designated. As it goes without saying, a pre-wedding couple shoot is a once in a lifetime event because of which many couples these days like to choose an exotic destination as the background. In this smart digital world, the background locations can be altered seamlessly creating the spell bounding pictures, however, the authenticity of the real location always brings out the natural feel.     

The captivating, love filled expressions captured during this shoot are priceless. It is indeed the series of these charming moving moments that awestruck its spectators time and again.

Engagement Shoots & Pre Wedding Photography

Engagement shoot has now become one of the vital things to do in the wedding planning list. It is indeed a staple affair that yields some of the best candid amazing photos of the couple. It is the best way to showcase the love, the uniqueness and the awesomeness of a relation.

Unlike the customary wedding photography, the engagement shoot is more relaxed, fun-filled and creative. The merry moments captured during these sessions create the reminiscences of this beautiful stint for the couple for many years to come.

Majority of the people are not very comfortable in front of the camera. They feel worried and confused when being photographed professionally during any event. The engagement shoot has a casual and relaxed approach which enables the couples to shun their inhibitions in front of the camera.

The professional photographers use fun techniques to break the ice and make the couple feel at ease. To invigorate the natural emotions of love, the photographers often like to shoot at the couple’s favorite spots. The genuine happiness captured in the milieu of such spots is unmatched to any other emotion.

The time of engagement is wonderful for both the partners. The best of memories that are cherished for life are created during this period. The engagement shoot enables the couple to commemorate some of these magical moments. During this shoot, they get the freedom to choose their outfits, locations, and moods.

Planning a pre-wedding shoot avoids many discrepancies and add sparkle to the collection of wedding memoirs. In such shoots, every frame is ought to brim with the sweetest natural emotion. Even if the couple is not the romantic type, such shoots enable them to unfold the raw moments. In the pre-wedding shoots, the skilled photographer effortlessly captures the look of love in the eyes of the mates and the gleam of joy on their faces.

There are many places and spots that play a significant role in the couple’s life. The place where they first met or perhaps the spot of the proposal is the momentous locations where the couples feel at ease. It enables the photographer to capture the awesomeness of their relationship effortlessly.

During the engagement photography session, both the couple and the photographer become acquainted and comfortable with each other. The couple gets an insight about the photographer’s unique style while the photographer gets to know the desired preferences of the couple. This mutual bond ensures a comfortable working for all on the D day. The preliminary session of engagement shoot ensures a smooth and worry-free running of the wedding day. The camera conscious people become more relaxed and comfortable after such shoots.

The engagement shoots help the couple to understand what they like and what they do not in terms of colors, lights, makeup, and angle of photography. It helps both the photographer and the couple to plan the big day much ahead of time.

The pre-wedding shoots are magically curated as per the client’s choice. Some couple like the secluded outdoors with serene surroundings while others go for elegance in style with minimal background and sophisticated grace.

Some clients like to showcase their moody side while others like to go with a casual easy going intimate look. Many couples find the pre-wedding shoots the perfect place to celebrate their cultural heritage and roots. Whatever their choice of location and style may be, the skilled photographer is able to pull out the natural emotion of tender affection in every frame.

For many couples, the equipped creative team of experienced photographers tailor make the desired romantic scene with a perfect background. The customized backgrounds offer a substantive setting to let emerge some astonishing portraits. Many couples also like to arrange the shoot at their favorite spot or at the place emotionally significant to both.

In a pre-wedding shoot, the skilled photographer aspires to create a picture-perfect memory that can evoke and muse the emotion of love eternally. The beautiful collection of these memorable photographs is the reminiscence of some of the best moments the couple has spent together.

Sutra Snapperz is a professional team of renowned and skilled engagement photographers who excel at delivering the best engagement photographs. Creativeness, innovativeness, latest technology and the aspiration to deliver more than the client’s expectations drives them to perform better than before for every new project.

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