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Abid & Nabiya (Couple Shoot)

Couple’s names: Abid and Nabiya

Couple’s experience with Sutra Snapperz: We found Sutra Snapperz by chance on Facebook while searching for options for our wedding photography. We were quite specific that we wanted one team to do both the candid and traditional shoots so that it would be easier for us to coordinate with them for all our requirements. Finding a creative team that understood and produced good candid work in Hyderabad was a bit of a task, and looking at the Sutra Snapperz’ profile, we were quite excited. Also finding out that they’ve been featured on Band Baaja Bride – a show I loved, got me even more convinced to get in touch with them.

When we first heard back positively from Debashish about our dates, we discussed the inclusions with our families and signed them on. We were really excited to hear that they’d do a complimentary couple photo shoot as well.

Before the wedding, we were able to sit with Debashish and talk about what we wanted from the team in detail. We even received a lot of feedback from him which helped us make better decisions for the kind of shoots we wanted.  During the wedding, Divya was particularly friendly, talking to the family members, and giving good tips on how to pose (we awkward people needed those!). She has a very good eye for composition and cinematography of frames.

Sutra Snapperz on this shoot with a difference/ A little about the exhibition: When we first started brainstorming ideas for the theme of the photoshoot – which was quite daunting given we had so many other things to think about – we came up with a few generic ideas which didn’t seem extremely exciting. Then, when my mother mentioned that the Exhibition was open, it triggered childhood memories for me. I and Abid love emracing our inner childs, and the idea of so many colors and lights and people in the background sounded like a lot of fun. And the fact that it was not a completely conventional venue for a photo shoot (especially in India!) made it even better. We loved how excited and open Divya and Debashish were too when we mentioned the idea to them.

To be honest, the shoot wasn’t as easy as we’d thought it’d be. I and Abid are quite camera conscious, and the presence of so many people around didn’t help much. There were a lot of families present too, and some didn’t mind sharing how awkward our shoot was either.  Abid would still remember wistfully one particular scene when he was hugging me in the middle of the stalls when a random elderly chap passed by mentioning  “Public place Hain yaaron!”.But Divya and Debashish helped us get over it. They talked us through it, made jokes to distract us from the stares we got (which were quite a few), and the presence of bubbles and cotton candy also helped. Divya went out of her way to talk to the storage vendors to help cooperate with whatever we needed for the shoot.

The shoot, in the end, did turn out to be a lot of fun, and working with a couple helps because they are able to understand, direct and get through to you as a couple better. What matters most is the end result, and we and our families were very happy to see how good the pictures turned out to be. They captured all the excitement and happiness that anyone has at a fair in all ‘fairness’.