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Sweet Words

We have been delighted to recieve many letters of thanks from couples who have chosen Sutra Snapperz for their unique wedding venue. Here are a few examples:

The theme of our wedding could be rightly be described as how to have a beautiful wedding on a budget. Months before the wedding when I started reading up on weddings on social media in order to start planning our wedding, I realized I was clueless. I followed every social media site so that I could get ideas on decor, outfits, venues, photographers etc and I realized I was way behind in my wedding preparations. I went through every magazine starting from Vogue weddings to Elle for wedding affair etc, to realize again that I had a lot of doing if I wanted to have a beautiful wedding.

Varun & Manali’s Wedding Story

We found Sutra Snapperz by chance on Facebook while searching for options for our wedding photography. We were quite specific that we wanted one team to do both the candid and traditional shoots so that it would be easier for us to coordinate with them for all our requirements. Finding a creative team that understood and produced good candid work in Hyderabad was a bit of a task, and looking at the Sutra Snapperz’ profile, we were quite excited. Also finding out that they’ve been featured on Band Baaja Bride – a show I loved, got me even more convinced to get in touch with them.

Abid & Nabiya (Couple Shoot)